5 (Weird) Life Lessons You Learn From Halloween

Ok, Let’s be honest. Halloween is very weird. In fact, it’s so weird that we never realize how much of it applies to our daily lives at any other time of the year. Some say Halloween was to about the fall of Atlantis Hell over $8B dollars was spent on Halloween in 2016!. Majority of that was all just candy! Want to know something even crazier?! Halloween got its start in Ireland out of all the places in the world. Crazy right? So what’s the big deal? Why all this hype?? Why do we spend insane amounts of money on a holiday that only comes once a year? Maybe we can learn something from celebrating the pastime about our own lives? Here are 5 weird things about Halloween you can learn


Let’s start with the most obvious thing you will inevitably learn. People wear masks. “Wait what do you mean people wear masks?” People wear masks ALL the time. Mask wearing isn’t just on Halloween. People do it everyday although these said masks aren’t made of silicon & plastic. When we’re not where we want to be in life we tend to pretend to be someone else. We put on this false image so other wouldn’t judge us so harshly based on our own preconceived notions. Ok, so that sounds like a mouthful. In other words, we judge ourselves based on what we think other people will think about us. We’re more prejudiced towards our own self-image than most people will EVER be towards us. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to remove the mask & let ourselves be true to we are?

2: Orange is the new Black

What does black & orange have to do with anything? Well if you haven’t guessed already Black oftentimes in western culture means darkness & death. In life, you sometimes have those “dark” times when you can’t see a way out of the situation you’re dealing with. It can be blinding. The good news is Halloween isn’t just all black. It has orange as well. Orange represents the combination of 2 colors. Yellow & Red. Yellow being happiness. Red being passion. Still following along? So what do you get you mix those two colors together? Orange represents the happiness you experience at after the black parts of your life & the passion to keep going through. To simplify what all this means is life is about harmony & balancing. Taking both the good & the bad. Using them both to your advantage.

3: “Trick or Treat”

You remember the quote. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. It’s from Forrest Gump. It's pretty self-explanatory. You truly never know sometimes in life if you’ll be getting a “trick” or a “treat”. Sometimes it seems life has a way of beating you down. You had plans and expectations. Maybe you just graduated or maybe you picked a bad job, a relationship. You planned things out & it seems life has you “tricked”. Those moments really make you question everything. But take heart though. Not everything is what it seems. Even the craziest moments in our life usually lead us toward something good, the “treats” we are inherently asking for. If you were to take a look back on all the negative things that have ever happened in your life you will realize that it happened for your highest good. That’s when you get what you’re looking for. All it takes is a change in your perception & watch all the tricks turn into treats. Then you can finally knock on the door of life and say with a large smile


4: Tales From The Crypt

Ok, this next one sounds almost extremely depressing. Apart from being the title of a horror series, this has a much more fulfilling meaning. Well, we all know what a crypt is. In the case, you don’t a crypt is tomb where the dead are buried. The Egyptians had one to except they were called pyramids. See how it’s not so depressing. You may be thinking “How the hell does a place where the dead are buried apply to my life”. Well sometimes being dead doesn’t just mean a physical occurrence. Wouldn’t you like it to mean something else? Wouldn’t you like the word “dead” to something with a little more positivity? What if when we die in life (not from a physical sense) we get reborn into someone else. Life has events that somewhat shape us. Mold us. Turn us into someone different. Someone who is much more capable of handling the “tricks” of life & turning them into “treats”. The person you were 10 years ago could never in a million years handle the responsibilities & problems the person right now has. The old you is in the crypt of the past. The old you “Dead & Gone” as Justin Timberlake sang 8 years ago.

It’s time to bury the past


Look at yourself in the mirror. Really take an honest look at yourself in the mirror. Are you happy with who you are? Now look, Frankenstein, was a monster at least in the general story as we know. (ok ok he was also the name of the scientist) Anyway as the monster is concerned he was made up of all different human parts. Now while none of us was born with extra limbs to spawn from other people we are in sense just like this character. We are the sum of our ego + personalities, experiences all molded into one. Imagine what you could do in life if you take every part of who you are & use it to its full advantage? It’d be pretty something don’t you think.

As you go through life you trying on different masks in different colors of black & orange, encountering every so-called trick and treat there ever was. All the while venturing into the crypt of life being and coming out as a Frankenstein (but no monster though) This October remember to celebrate Halloween as not just as another holiday to eat candy & be merry but also to appreciate the fullness of who you are. Stay good, Be You.