About Us

What Is RedCandee?

Hey you. Its me here Collin I. Thomas... ok, ok so you don't know me or who I am. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm an author, writer, dimension breaker...I also like to post on Instagram tons of funny videos I find and motivational IG stories to my over 10,000+ followers who includes Spike TV's LL Cool J and IG Model Syd Wilder....

But lets not go into that. (coughcoughfollowmecoughchough)

But more importantly I am the founder of RedCandee.com. Let's go into why I started RedCandee.com. Hell lets start with what IS Red Candee in the first place. What does it mean? You see Red Candee is the the passion, the sweetness, experience, and the excitement we all share when chasing after our goals. I wanted to create something that's reflective of the products you'd buy. Not the same type of **** you see everyday. Stuff that's locally made, stuff that you really can not find anywhere else.

Let's break it down in simple to do math..

Red = a color of passion.

Candy = sweetness. 

Remove the "y" from Candy, throw in a little Experience & Excitement.

Bang. RedCandee.


We believe that your shopping experience must be matched by your excitement. You should be able to spare a giggle every once in a while too.

(BTW I always leave my inbox open to anyone who has suggestions on what they want to sell)

Thank You!

(P.S. Welcome In!)